Travel Medicine
The Travel Doctor/Corporate Health Management provides comprehensive international travel preparedness services to companies, delegations, groups and individuals. For many companies with overseas operations, a specific travel plan for your employees or group is crucial to safety in developing areas with little to no access to medical care. Well-known throughout the North Texas Region, The Travel Doctor/Corporate Health Management regularly consults and provides travel medicine services to Fortune 500 companies, oil and gas companies, mission groups and individuals.

Travel Consultations include:

  • Appropriate immunizations and prescriptions
  • General information for travel, including preventive medications and resources in case of emergency
  • Evaluation for health considerations in specific high-risk areas
  • Recommendations for travel to specific areas, which include precautions for food and water safety and infectious disease prevention
Pre- and Post-Travel Exams
An evaluation of the traveler both pre- and post-travel will address any particular health concerns prior to and after return from a destination. Many destinations in the developing world have their own risks with infectious disease outbreaks, poor water or unsanitary conditions. The Travel Doctor understands the urgency of a ready response to preparing a traveler to regions of concern. The staff at The Travel Doctor/Corporate Health Management stays on top of any breaking global health news with the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, so travelers are prepared.
The Travel Doctor has assembled the TravelMedKit with supplies for travel to developing regions. It is the ultimate companion for international travel whether it be business-related, a raft trip down the Amazon or a safari into the African bush. It is compact, efficient and lightweight and fits neatly into any backpack or travel case. Essential items in the kit include insect repellent, anti-diarrheals, pain relievers, wound care and many other items which are non-existent in remote areas.
“We have worked with The Travel Doctor/Corporate Health Management since 2008 when our company representatives began traveling to India. We find them to be knowledgeable in travel health, proactive in helping us prepare our associates for a safe journey, and responsive to our needs. All interactions with both the office and medical staff have been highly professional and supportive. I highly recommend their services,without hesitation, to any individual or company.”

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