It has been confirmed that a man has been diagnosed with the Unites States’ first known diagnosis of Ebola in the country. Currently, the patient is in the tightest of isolation units at Texas Health Presbyterian on Walnut Hill Lane at Greenville Avenue. The patient is said to have arrived in Dallas from Liberia to visit family. He was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas on Sunday, September 28 with Ebola-like symptoms. The patient left Liberia on the 20th of September and began showing symptoms the 24th of September. As many of our clients are frequent visitors and/or short-term residents to countries within the “Hot Zone” of West Africa for business-related activities, we urge you to constantly monitor your every move while in this area of the world. If you have recently visited Western Africa, please stay alert for any possible symptoms including severe flu-like symptoms, nausea, diarrhea and high fever. The incubation period can be as long as 21-days before symptoms present themselves. Ebola can only be transmitted from an Ebola-infected individual who presents with symptoms and then exposure through body fluids. As the disease quickly progresses, bloody stools and persistent diarrhea lead to excessive dehydration, hemorrhaging and organ failure. The disease can be treated much more efficiently in the developed world with more sophisticated medical facilities and staff, but it must be caught early. Will update as more information is available.
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