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The Travel Doctor was founded over 20-years ago to directly address the healthcare needs of regional businesses.
The Travel Doctor specializes in providing a complete international preparedness program that includes pre- and post-travel consultations, immunizations and healthcare recommendations for individuals and employees traveling to developing countries.
Helping clients understand the benefits of managing healthcare costs and liability directly leads to workforce wellness and is an investment in a company’s future. Using a problem-solving approach, The Travel Doctor assists clients in finding solutions that help create a healthier workforce. When a company invests in their employees’ health, efficiency, performance and employee retention are increased, and long-term overall healthcare savings are seen.
Finding flexible solutions that adapt to changing needs is what we do best – and our website is a valuable resource for employees to receive the latest healthcare updates and interact with the Travel Doctor.
Being centrally located in the North Texas Region provides easy access to a full-range of services, including medical specialists and testing facilities and it also allows us to provide individual services such as:
  •  Preventive screenings and employee consultations
  • Pre-employment screenings and drug testing
  • On- and off-site international travel preparedness programs
  • On- and off-site executive healthcare programs

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